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Transitioning Summer to Fall Fashion ~ 5 Favorite Ideas


Posted on October 26 2015

Spending money every season on weather appropriate clothing and accessories can be time consuming and costly.  It’s frustrating, especially for fall, to quickly put away your summer favorites and ease into the fall weather without neglecting your spring and summer wardrobe investment. So Tiffie® is here to help you fall fashionably into autumn. Now I will warn you there may be some shameless plugs for my American Made Tiffie line (shameless plug #1), but I won’t apologize for that as they were created to affordably transition wardrobe from season to season.  So strap on some comfy and fashionable footwear and let’s explore your summer closet!

Idea 1. The Fave White Tee –White is not taboo after summer.  The simple white tee goes well with so many things in your closet and looks great accompanying jeans, slacks and skirts for fall.Depending on your climate area, simply add a scarf, blazer or jean jacket from your fall pallet.  And for a NEW idea, slide on a pair of Tiffie Sleeves® in the same color, an opposite color for pop or dress it up with lace sleeves for an evening out with friends!

Idea 2. The Forever Skinny Jean - You wore them all summer with sandals and flats and for fall they are a perfect match for your favorite booty or knee high riding or high heeled boot in ANY color!Fall loves playful colors carried over from spring and summer.  Don’t be afraid to mix it up and have fun!

Idea 3. The Short Summer Dress – The pretty little dress kept you cool and allowed the breeze to flow through.  But don’t hang it up for the fall; add leggings, boots, a favorite scarf hint, hint a Tiffie Forever Scarf™ is perfect to warm your neck and shoulders and you can even add Tiffie Sleeves® to warm your arms.  The little dress transitions to a flowing top, perfect for a day at the park.

Idea 4. The Bathing Suit Sarong – There is no missing that a sarong looks like a skirt already but why pack it away in the bathing suit draw for three seasons?  Tie a short one around your waist over jeggings, add boots or strappy heals, jacket, blouse and scarf for a fabulous fall look.  Have a long sarong?  Wear it as a dress with a wide belt at the waist or simply use the versatile Tiffie Beaded Scarf™ instead. Adorn with beautiful jewels and a short jacket or shawl and enjoy a wonderful evening out on the town.

Idea 5. The Mini Skirt, Skort or Shorts – Summertime screams for silky bare-naked legs.  But the shorties you wore this summer can still work for fall by simply layering with leggings, thick textured stockings or for a more removable option, add Sleggings™ by Tiffie Sleeves®.  Sleggings™ are sleeves for your legs that slide on one at a time.  Slip on a pair of booties, chic cowgirl boots or flats and stroll through a busy farmer’s market with a friend.

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