Our Story




Tiffany Carlen, also known as Tiffie®, is a mom, wife and a woman with everyday challenges just like you.  In 2009, when an unexpected cold front blew in on Easter, Tiffie encountered a wardrobe dilemma that prompted her to say, “I wish I had a way to turn this short sleeve shirt into long sleeves without ruining it.”  Through a combination of problem solving, innovation and fashion forward thinking, Tiffie Sleeves® were born. Short sleeve shirts can now be transformed into long sleeves WITHOUT straps, snaps or layers. Just slide them on and you’ve got instant warmth, a fashion face-lift and an arm girdle, all in one.

Tiffany developed a passion for helping women stretch the investment they make when buying clothes by creating accessories that transform any outfit from season to season simply and affordably. Tiffie® Company, offers a variety of clothing add-on’s giving women unique ways to maximize their wardrobe and create multiple looks with any outfit.

Our products are practical and useful for every woman, every age, every season.  Tiffie® is part of a movement to preserve the American Made legacy and has made a personal commitment to manufacture in the USA, ensuring quality control without the high shipping costs. 

Whatever your personal style, Tiffie® is honored to have you in her virtual dressing room. Wondering where the nickname Tiffie® came from?  You’ll find the answer in your first order!  

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